Guided Response: Respond to a minimum of two of your classmates by Day 7. Ask your peers if there are competing loyalties, values, or systems that make present a challenge in their ethical decision making. Are any issues at a high level of personal, professional, societal? What are some of the consequences of options considered? 


  1. Program Planning and Ethical Consideration

Program planning is a critical field with many challenges and ethical issues. Netting et al. (2008) note that the ethical issues affect the approaches to program planning. While crafting the research proposal, many ethical considerations, including research inclusivity, were noted but addressed effectively using different research strategies. Respect for confidentiality and anonymity was upheld to address the ethical concerns. Since the program directly involves human interaction, respect for human dignity was paramount to ensure that the private information among the participators is used explicitly for research purposes and not any other function. All the actions that breach the confidentiality of the participators were also noted down and avoided. The researcher further noted psychological and social implications of infringement on privacy. Lastly, the ethical concerns were addressed through upholding informed consent, whereby the participants were allowed to provide authority for their interrogation.

Based on the provided reading and further research, I have learned that ethical violations of research can have diverse impacts on the program’s outcomes. According to Vanclay et al. (2013), ethical violation in research may lead to research manipulation and poor conclusions. It may also lead to falsification, which in turn reduces research accuracy and effectiveness. Whenever the research is not done effectively, the main project goals and objectives are also jeopardized. Ethical violations may also lead to misleading data since the respondents may provide unrealistic data (Vanclay et al., 2013). A researcher must uphold ethical standards to ensure effective interaction with the participants for valid data. Therefore, the researchers must be careful while assessing the participants to avoid personal and professional conflicts, promoting professional, legal, and ethical norms.


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Program planning and Ethical consideration are an important part of research in my final project research project.  The ethical considerations I have faced are when making sure participants in this study aren’t subject to rude and unfair judgment(Priciple E,  Based on my research question, I would have to distinguish between the unfair treatment of the criminal justice system related to juvenile delinquencies punishment.  I would have to develop and justify methodology and interperate data to be used.  Planning begins as one program changes, causing a framework of evaluation that provides means to describe(Arbour, G.2020).  

 I would address these ethical concern are to first identify the research question, test the hypothesis, chose a sample, confounding the variable, conduct open-ended interviews, analyse qualitative data, use descritive and interntial statistics, and draw a reasonable conclusion pertaining to the research question.  Other ethical concerns would be mixed-methods studies, in which I would have to be able to secure permission (informed consent) into the research.  (Leedy,P.D.&Ormrod,J.E.(2019).

Ethical violation in research can create problems in informal concent, and abuse of indiduvals parrtipating in a human trail. In the article, “Tuskeegee Syphillis” treatment was found to be unethical and violation of the APA Ethical Prinicles of Psychologists and Code of Ethics.  The men involved in the experiment was not treated with respect, nor their rights be granted to being violatary commit to the study.  The Afro-american men whom were experimental on during the study was not informed of the side effects nor were informed of the nature of the study(BBC.(2013).

I have also learned that ethical violation can create a problem when conduct a research study.  Indiduvals have to be aware of their rights with informed concent, and researcher have to code of ethics in order for the research to be successful.  

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