In your journal, be sure to address the following critical elements for both articles:

I. This section should highlight the major findings of each of the articles you selected for your supervisor and peers. Specifically, address the following:

A. What are the findings of each article and what implications do they have individually and collectively for solving the health problem in question? Support your answer with specific examples from your field.
B. Explain how key biostatistical calculations and methods support the conclusions in each article. Cite relevant information from the articles that support your answer.

View the Article Review Sample for an example of the type of information you should include in your response.

For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

Attached is the article list for this project. Option one is the article I picked for this assignment. Also attached is a sample journal detailing what the assignment is to look like. 

Rubric for assignment is attached as well. Please answer all questions fully.