I hope you’ve been well! I was wondering if you could help me with this critical review assignment for these two articles? Please let me know if you can do this 🙂

The written full assignment will be completed independently.  Please integrate and provide critical review about two assigned papers. 

  1. Chakrabarti R, Celià-Terrassa T, Kumar S, et al. Notch ligand Dll1 mediates cross-talk between mammary stem cells and the macrophageal nicheScience. 2018;360(6396). 
  1. Kumar, S., Srivastav, R.K., Wilkes, D.W. et al. Estrogen-dependent DLL1-mediated Notch signaling promotes luminal breast cancer. Oncogene 38, 2092–2107 (2019).

The instructions are below (and attached) to this email.

The full assignment is a short essay, in a News and Views style (Nature). The essay is limited to 6 pages double-spaced, Times 12 point font. 

The essay should include, 


The introduction should present a cohesive information and a detailed background about the key concepts. Please use recent literature to support your introduction. (1-2 Pages) 

Hypothesis/ Goal

Hypothesis should specify each hypothesis and draw connection between two hypotheses. (1/2- 1 page) 


Discussion should include the interpretation of key experimental results, incorporation of take-home messages. Please avoid detailed summary of the results and the figures, your interpretation and discussion will the key in this section. 

Provide a smooth transition between two papers, support your discussion with the literature

Provide a discussion how research papers contributed to the field, how they complement or contrast with each other. 

Identify the open/ unanswered questions and indicate the experimental approaches that

could be used to answer the questions. (what open questions remain even with the two

papers combined?)    (3-4 pages) 

Provide a brief conclusion to your review. 


Citations must be referenced using the format found in the journal Cell (full references).

References and figures are not included in the page count, however, a 10%

penalty will be assessed for each extra half page or page over the recommended

guideline. Late assignments are docked 10% per day.