1)Add an introduction
2) restructure the paper based on professor comments

Here you introduce your topic and present the reader with specific information about it. You need to find legitimate online sources of information to fill out this section of the paper.
For example, if your topic is how helping professionals work to address the issue of US veterans suicides, you need to provide more information about the issue.  How many veterans are
there, what % of them commit suicide per year and in total. What gender commits suicide, what age. What are some identified causes of veteran suicide? What are some documented
strategies that helping professionals can use to help veterans who may be contemplating suicide. All this information can be found online and you will need to cite your source and paraphrase
the information. The Introduction will run approximately two paragraphs in length.

Analytical Summary
This is where you place your AS.

Newspaper Article
This is where you introduce your newspaper article (NA).  Summarize the scenario in your article.  Then explain how it supports an argument from the journal article,
or illustrates an argument, or possibly undermines an argument.  Explain.

This is where you reiterate the main claims of your paper, and the main claims of the journal article.  Then provide your concluding remarks about the topic.
You will need a separate Reference page (Works Cited) where you list your sources in alphabetical order .  Use either the APA format or the ASA format.

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