Project Plan


As you have outlined your project, you need to plan on how to do the works. Identify all the constraints of time and resources you have and develop a plan on how to succeed with your proposed idea.


Prepare a thorough and effective plan, which should also indicate a target time for completion. Write a report of 5 pages.

1. Title:
2. Plan for topic review: How will you do a detail review of the topic and make sure that the issue you are addressing is genuine? How will you know it is worth spending time on this topic?

2. Plan for proposal: How will you develop your proposed idea for practical implementation? What parameters/considerations would you take into account in developing the design or your proposed idea?

3. Plan for testing and data collection: How will you test your proposed idea? How will you collect any data in relation to your proposal? where will you go and/or who will you contact?

4. Plan for data analysis: How will you analyze your data or test results? If you don’t get expected results/data, how will you modify your proposed idea?

5. Plan for writing: How will you start and complete writing? What resources will you take help from to write?

5 single-spaced => 10 pages