Topic for the week and Assignment #1- How did technology change our social system and what are the new challenges?

Topic for this week is about how the technology changed our social lives and what the new challenges we face.  Audio/video and article links are provided below.

I will be in my office or in the classroom during the actual class time for those who want/need a face to face instruction/clarification or ask questions in person. Please let me know if you want to stop by.

Please submit Assignment #1 on time. There will be no late submission accepted.


Five Principles for Social Sustainability (Facing Unpredictable Change Together)

Community + Technology= Positive Social Change

How Technology is Shaping Our culture

How Technology Changes Society

Assignment #1 – Due Feb 4, Sunday 11:59

Major components of a social system in general

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Neighbors
  • Jobs/workplaces
  • Co-workers/Classmates/Roommates/etc.
  • Friends in general
  • “Places” to be socialized 

Think about in what way technology may have affected a social system/life in general and what the new challenges have come up? Write a report of maximum two pages summarizing your thoughts and suggestions to remedy those challenges. You may want to focus on the social media and the new definition of friendship.

Maximum 2 pages in PDF file format only. Other file formats may not be graded.

No late, no hard copy, and no e-mail submission. Moodle submission only!

Please note that assignments will be counted toward the midterm and final grades.