Your assignment for this module is to answer the following questions. Please see the Professor Notes for context.
1. Describe 2 experiences when you tried something new, why it was challenging, whether you were successful, and how you felt about it. (at least 300 words; 4 points)
2. Describe two recent experiences in which you helped out an acquaintance. Were the things that you did the kind of things that you yourself would for help with? Did these experiences have any effect on your sense of well-being and/or connectedness? (At least 80 words; 2 points.)
3. Describe a personal experience that could be characterized by the arrival fallacy. What was the goal, how did you imagine you would feel upon reaching the goal, how did you actually feel, did reaching your goal create new goals and/or responsibilities? (If you can’t think of such an experience, ask family or friends.) (The answers should be about 150-200 words; 4 points)