Part 1

250 words with one reference including in-text citation in APA format.

Select one of the following Organizational Behavior theories to discuss:

· Basic function of management

· Team theory

· Group Dynamics

· Group competitiveness

· Dysfunctional group behavior

· Interactionalism

In your discussion, include the following:

1. A short summary of the theory and what it means.

2. A reference that discusses the theory.

3. How this can be applied to managing people or organizations?

4. Why you feel it is important to understand this theory.

Part 2

250 words with one reference including in-text citation in APA format. Pick one of the question below to do.

· Question 1: Describe a situation where a fun-loving, cooperative coworker’s behavior and attitude changed, and he/she was suddenly labeled difficult to get along with or to work with. It was discovered later that the coworker was coping with a family crisis that affected his/her mental state. Prior to that revelation, how did your manager or leader resolve the issue? Which of the factors described in your text may have decreased the perceptual accuracy of the manager or leader. Be specific.


· Question 2: How important do you feel the role emotional intelligence plays in employee performance? Which of the four dimensions of emotional intelligence do you struggle with the most? What steps have you taken or will you take in the immediate future to strengthen that weaker dimension. Be specific.

Feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure.