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Based on your case study 1 and additional cases studies attached, discuss the various cyber responses.


Evil Corp is one of the most popular cybercrime organizations worldwide due to its numerous attacks in the past decade (2010-2020). Evil Corp is led by Russians Maksim Yakubets and Igor Turashev, who were yet to face charges until 2019 in the US. The level of sophistication of the group is yet to be figured out correctly as the cybercrime organization is thought to have very close ties with the Russian intelligence agency (FSB). It is thought that some of the most gruesome attacks on companies in the US and the UK by the group were actions on behalf of the FSB. According to Arghire (2021), Evil Corp is still active in the hacking business despite the indictment of its lead members in the US, just that it might have evolved into corporate spying activities.

Some of the most memorable attacks perpetrated by Evil Corp are in the banking sector. They have stolen millions of dollars from unsuspecting banks. A banking Trojan known as Dridex developed by Evil Corp harnessed the confidential details of bank customers in the US as soon as they clicked on phishing emails. The scheme affected computers globally where American banks operate, leading to a loss of $100 million. In another attack by Evil Corp, the software used was known as ‘botnet.’ It would freeze a computer’s operating system leading to a malware spread where the hackers would transfer money from victims to their overseas accounts. The US department of justice also believes that Evil Corp’s malware named ‘Zeus’ and ‘Bugat’ transferred over $70 million from US individuals, some pensioners.


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