Please answer the six question with 3-5 sentence.

Topic Situation 1 Dylan has started experiencing headaches and fatigue. After thinking about recent activities, he realizes the headaches and fatigue may be a symptom of stress. With college and a job, there seems to be no time for relaxation. Dylan decides that his situation needs to change or his physical symptoms may get worse. He makes time to reevaluate his goals, write a plan, and identify stress management techniques to help him through this challenging period. Soon after, Dylan feels more control in balancing school and work, and has found free time to relax.

Question 1 What other symptoms of stress might Dylan experience?

Topic situation 2 Grace has been noticing that a coworker, Zoey, has been short-tempered and moody lately. Because Zoey is normally very pleasant to work with, Grace decides to ask her if something is wrong. Visiting with Zoey, Grace finds that Zoey is being harassed by someone at work. Zoey tells Grace how stressful this has been and that it is affecting her work and personal life. Grace encourages Zoey to take steps to stop this harassment (presented in Chapter 12). Grace also gives her tips to help deal with the stress. After a few weeks, Grace notices a positive change in Zoey. Dealing with the problem, along with using stress relievers, is helping Zoey get back to her pleasant self

Question 2 What advice would you give a friend who has noticeable stress?

Topic Situation 3 Jonelle was taking a chemistry class in which the instructor assigned a semester-long research project. When the project was assigned at the start of the semester, the instructor encouraged the students to make a plan and schedule dates to complete sections of the research throughout the semester so as to produce a quality project. Jonelle struggled with the class material and procrastinated working on the assignment. Unfortunately, as the semester wore on, Jonelle became immersed with other courses, a job, and personal issues and kept delay-ing the research project. The more Jonelle thought about the project, the more stressed she became. Finally, two weeks before the end of the semester, the instructor reminded the class that all research projects were due the day before the final. Jonelle realized there was no time to properly study for exams and also complete the research project. The procrastination resulted in her being stressed and receiving a failing grade in the chemistry course because she gave up and did not even attempt to write the paper or take the final exam. One final issue that contributes to both stress and poor time management is the inability for individuals to say no to coworkers, bosses, or others. At work, our goal is to be as productive as possible by prioritizing our current workload. Overcommitting ourselves risks compromising quality for quantity. When you are pressed for time and someone asks you to assist with a project, first evaluate if the project is part of your primary work duties. If it is not your job and it does not conflict with your priority projects, agree to take on the new project if you have the time. If you do not have time and you have greater priorities, decline the project. If it is your boss that is making the request, politely inform your boss that you want to help wherever and whenever possible, but you are currently working on another priority project and ask him or her which project should take precedent. Many bosses are unaware of an individual’s work-load at any given time, so your goal is to communicate your current priorities.

Question 3 What steps could Jonelle have taken to avoid procrastinate-nation in this situation?

Topic Situation 4 When Briggs arrived at the technology conference, he noticed that everyone was dressed in business attire and he was glad to be dressed professionally. As Briggs was introduced to others, he was sure to make eye contact, smile, and properly shake hands. Briggs also collected many business cards while network-ing. During the meal, he was careful to follow dining etiquette. At work the next day, Briggs immediately wrote a thank-you note to the managers who invited him to the event. At the end of the day, Briggs’s manager called him to let him know what a great impression he made at the conference. Several colleagues had mentioned to Briggs’s manager how impressed they were with his professionalism. Briggs realized that conducting a little research and being professional was well worth the effort.

Question 4 What steps would you take to ensure you dress and act appropriately when attending a business conference?

Question 5. Think Like a Boss 1. You need to hire a receptionist that will be handling cash. What steps would you take to make sure you hire the right person? 2. Why should you teach your employees the importance of personal financial management? What are creative ways of doing this?

Question 6 Think Like a Boss 1. One of your employees comes in on a Monday morning with a pierced tongue and purple hair. What should you do? 2. You have just hired a new employee who clearly has no concept of business etiquette. What specific steps would you take to teach your new employee how to behave professionally? …
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