I am towards the end of my semester and I have 3 papers due for one class that I am behind in. I need to submit papers by Friday 4/10/2020. 

The first paper is a reaction paper to movie- Long Days turned into night 3 pages minimum.

The second paper is a compare and contrast paper on- Stanford prison experiment and ASCH experiment 3 pages minimum.

The third paper is ; 

The final will consist of a 5-7 pages essay paper based on the topic we’ve covered in the second half of the semester. Topics you can see in week thirteen.

You are to choose from these essay options when writing your paper.
a. Descriptive

b. Expository

c. Persuasive

d. Argumentative
e. Cause-and-effect Analysis
f. Comparison and Contrast 
Essay paper should be in New Times Roman font, 12 points, double sided with 1″ margin on all sides.

TOPICS are:Final Exam:
1. A Soldier’s Play

story (characters and themes)
evidence of aggression and group biases

2. The Crucible

story (characters and themes)
connection to McCarthyism
Salem Witch Trials
The Protestant Reformation
Correlation to modern day politics

3. Ethics of Science

your presentation
how do society values affect decisions regarding your presentation 

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