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I’m working on a communications project and need support to help me understand better.

This is a project WEEK 2 WEEK 4 WEEK 7 and all will be submitted separately .

Summary Week 2 – The goal of this assignment is to choose a topic and create a research plan that will contribute to the Week 7 Final Project.

Summary of week 4 – The goal of this assignment is to research your topic, evaluate selected sources, and organize your sources. you will also use the source evaluation worksheet. I attached below

Summary of week 7- Demonstrate the ability to create a final project that uses both research-based and personal content while using presentation software to communicate with an intended audience.

Week 7 can be presented as a powerpoint or a prezi

The Week 7 Final Project is a presentation and be turned in as a PowerPoint, a Prezi, or a different type of presentation software. If you chose something other than PowerPoint, you have to do the following:

  • Submit a link to the presentation such as for Prezi.
  • Ensure that the faculty can open the presentation.