1. You will need to research your own background information on your case as it applies to Module 4 by using an online search engine.  You can use a variety of resources and websites to collect your information.  Be sure to check the creditability of the site. Please note that YAHOO NEWS is NOT ALLOWED because the information, content, and writing are professionally and academically very poor.  
  2. This week, we discussed how prosecutors select a case and the pre-trial activities that go along with that selection. Applying information and ideas from this week’s readings, discussions and activities, review your ‘High Profile Case’ and document the pre-trial activities that occurred.In your reflective journal for Module 4 posting, address the following questions: What pre-trial activities occurred? Which ‘stakeholders’ were involved in the pre-trial and trial activities? Were there victim impact statements considered in the case? If so, do you think they influenced the judges sentencing?