Use the following Harvard Business case study for this Critical Thinking assignment:

Grant, A.D., & Taylor, A. (2014). Communication essentials for female executives to develop leadership presence. Getting beyond the barriers of understanding accomplishment. Harvard Business Case Study. Retrieved from

For this assignment, analyze and critique the Grant & Taylor (2014) case using the following format:

Case overview
Analysis and implication of the case; consider any relevant current events and possible future trends in your analysis, and include sources for this material as well as all information that comes from somewhere else
Ethical implications, social responsibility, and diversity issues with potential solutions or actions
Limitation of the case
Personal perspective of the case
Case summary

Your well-organized/written paper should meet the following requirements:         

Be four to six pages in length.
Be formatted according to Apa
Include at least four to six scholarly or peer-reviewed articles. 
Include a title page, section headers, introduction, conclusion, and references page.

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