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Instructions: – Video Link Below
Answer the following questions after viewing the video provided. 

Jonathan Turner, Senior Director of Corporate Compliance at Wright Medical Technology, speaks about his top interviewing tips. From mistakes to best practices to his No. 1 piece of advice, Turner shares his tricks of the trade.

Listen to the Podcast at ACFE: Fraud Talk: The Only Element You Can Control is You, by Jonathan



1) Which interview technique does Turner consider the number one most basic technique to gather information from a suspect or witness?

2) Why do interviewers struggle to follow this guidance?  How would you avoid violating Turner’s recommendation?

3) In addition to the suspect or witness, Turner recommends having two people in the interview room.  One to take notes and one to conduct the interview.  What are the disadvantages of having two people in the room?

4) What aspect of conducting interviews will you find most challenging?  How will you overcome your challenges before conducting interviews?

5) Imagine interviewing one of your current colleagues who is suspected of stealing and selling your employers’ assets.  The assets could be inventory, trade secrets, cash, information regarding upcoming mergers or acquisitions, etc.  Which interview technique(s) would you use to make your colleague feel comfortable enough to reveal his/her involvement in a  fraud?