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Instructions: – Article Attached Answer 4 of the following questions and explore some of your own thoughts and ideas in a substantive, original post.

  1. Are the suggestions in the pdf document different than other accounting organizations such as the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners or the AICPA?
  2.  What did you learn from this article?
  3.  Since law enforcement personnel are responsible for prosecuting crime, do you think following their guidance is the responsible approach?
  4.  What characteristics should a fraud specialist possess? Other than becoming a CFE, what could you do to become a fraud specialist?
  5.  What did you find interesting or surprising in the article?
  6.  Why is an investigation plan critical in a fraud investigation?
  7.  What is the most effective sequence of interviews? Why?
  8.  Discuss the pros and cons of putting a subject on notice.