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I’m working on a communications question and need guidance to help me learn.

This speech is an opportunity for you to speak out about something that either bothers you in society, or that you are passionate about. Think of this as an opportunity to get up on your ‘soapbox’ and speak to an issue in our world that you find lacking and needs change. You may also connect this to any of the previous speeches you have done, or use it to test-drive ideas for Speech #5.

I am not requiring any outside research for this presentation, but avoid making this into a rant.


I am assessing this speech purely on completion, so think of this as a slight reprieve before you get into your next speech. As long as you make the effort to present your ideas and don’t go too far under or over on your time, then you will receive credit for this assignment.

The only submission needed here is your outline that follows Monroe’s Motivated Sequence or Refutation pattern

This is also space for me to record the score for your Soapbox Speech.

Here are two samples to work from: