What are the claims of the Sikh separatists? How valid are they? How far should the right of self-determination be extended? What are the potential pitfalls of extending this right too far?


This week we take a look at Nationalistic and Endemic Terrorism. Nationalistic terrorism is an outgrowth of unwavering devotion and loyalty to a specific group that believes they have been suppressed, treated unfairly, or persecuted by the ruling majority of the country in which they live. Groups are defined by ethnicity (racial or cultural background), language, religion, or customs. Nationalist terrorism calls attention to the plight of the group. The goal is to eventually secure a separate independent homeland or country for the group. Endemic terrorism is the terrorism created by artificial divisions of tribes, families, and ethnic groups. Considering these definitions, what if you were a terrorism expert and had to devise an anti-terrorism policy based on the events from this section of the chapter? What would your policy look like? This is your discussion question for this week. If you wish, you can list your “policy” using bullet points rather than the traditional paragraph form.