Discussion 6.1: Prevention of Institutionalism

Step 1: Read about aging adults (use the internet)

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· Discuss what policies might a residential facility develop to minimize the chances that its residences will develop “institutionalism”? 

· Discuss why such polices are relatively uncommon?

· Determine which stage of Erikson’s psychosocial development an aging adult may be in if they are suffering from institutionalism

·  Explain how understanding of the: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the Aging Adult can be helpful in a clinical setting?

Discussion 6.1: Reproductive Diseases and Disorders

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Select two different components, structures, hormones, or processes of the reproductive system (one for the male and one for the female) and write a brief synopsis of the impact of a dysfunction of this component, structure, hormone, or process on reproduction. In other words, discuss how a specific problem would make it more difficult or impossible to reproduce (fertilize an egg or become pregnant). Be detailed in your discussion of the anatomy and physiology of reproduction and be very clear about the impact this problem would have on reproduction. Identify any disease or disorder by name.