What is Dota? Dota or Defense of the ancient is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and it’s expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the “Aeon of Strife” map for StarCraft. The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opponents’ Ancients, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map. Players use powerful units known as heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and AI-controlled fighters called “creeps”.
As in role-playing games, players level up their hero and use gold to buy equipment during the mission. Does Dota really affect the youth today? Does it help the youth today? Or it corrupts the minds of the youth who are playing this game? Let us look at Dota’s advantages and disadvantages. Dota helps the youth who are playing this game to become mentally alert, cooperative, and strategic. It also increases their knowledge in mathematics by computing the gold’s, damages, magic and physical reduction present in the game.
Indeed, Dota really helps the youth by playing this game. In the other hand, playing this game without time management and priority can lead to irresponsibility. Starting from their responsibilities, the youth spend more time playing this game rather than doing their tasks. Studies were forgotten, students became lazy, and relationships with the family were also affected because of this game. Playing this game also triggers the player to lose his/her temper and values. Why? It simply because of the different languages used during the game or what we called “Trash talks”. Trash talks such as foul languages can really lose their temper and values. As a result, the both sides will fight against each other. Gamble is also present in this game, the highest bet is 5,000 pesos and the lowest is 300 pesos. Again, money for them is not that important anymore. Many players says that “Dota is the best past time ever,” so it’s OK for them to waste their money.

Due to playing, eating is irrelevant; the satisfaction they get from playing is the same as the satisfaction they get from eating. As a result, the body’s immune systems are getting weaker and now expose the different viruses and diseases. All in all, Dota really affects the life style of the youth who are in to this game, although it has one good benefit, but it corrupts the mind and the way the youth think. It also weakened the body system, money and moral values were not given importance because of this game.

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