The Final Project for this course is a 10-15 page paper addressing an issue in criminal justice with both historical and contemporary importance. The Final Paper is due in Week 10, but you should review its requirements now because you will complete different components of the project in Weeks 2, 3, 6, and 7. For this Project, you will identify an existing criminal justice issue and consider how this issue has been addressed historically by the criminal justice and legal systems and how contemporary policies attempt to address the issue today.
Your Final Paper will consist of writing about the historical significance of the issue in criminal justice. Next, you will write about the contemporary attempts to resolve or address the issue and the policy implications the issue has had on the criminal and legal systems. Your paper should consist of the following:

Historical information on the issue
Contemporary attempts to address or resolve the issue
Policy or legal implications

Structural Requirements:

Length of paper: Though this is subjective, there will likely be at least 10 pages, not including title page, charts/tables, appendices, and references.
Font and font size: Times New Roman 12-point font
Number of references: minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles

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