Engage in the discussion question(s) provided by your instructor. This activity counts as your Online Discussion grade. Online Discussion assignments for this course will consist of  multiple questions/topics presented via a forum created for each module.  You must create a post of at least 200-words in answer to ONE of the  week’s Discussion questions/topics. APA with references Be sure to identify the title of the question when posting. Reducing the Impact Threat:   Based on your own opinion of how the impact threat compares to other  threats, how much money and resources do you think should be used to  alleviate it? What types of programs would you support? (Examples  include programs to search for objects that could strike Earth, to  develop defensive tactics against impacts, or to build physical  defenses.) Defend your opinion.    How should Kids Count Planets?:  The new definitions that have officially demoted Pluto from a planet  to a dwarf planet have many educational implications. For example, many  children learn songs in school that refer to ‘nine planets’ and Pluto.  How would you recommend that school teachers deal with the new  definitions? Be sure to consider the fact that while these definitions  have ‘official’ status today (from the International Astronomical  Union), it is possible that they may change again in the future.    Pick a Moon:  Suppose you could choose any one moon to visit in the solar system.  Which one would you pick, and why? What dangers would you face in your  visit to this moon? What kinds of scientific instruments would you want  to bring along for studies?    Jovian Planet Mission:  We can study terrestrial planets up close by landing on them, but  Jovian planets have no surfaces to land on. Suppose that you are in  charge of planning a long-term mission to ‘float’ in the atmosphere of a  Jovian planet. Describe the technology you would use and how you would  ensure survival for any people assigned to this mission.