Write your Cover Letter according to the recommendations given in class/digital class.Your cover letter must include:a) three Paragraphs:1. Introduction: with the purpose of the letter, job to apply for, how the person learned about the job, a brief idea of the company’s mission and how the writer will help the company in one sentence.2. Argument: containing at least 2 skills and abilities of the candidate with well-supported by evidence of past jobs, and a connection with how they can help the company to achieve its mission.3. Closing Paragraph: with a brief re-statement of abilities or interest, thanking the reader, invitation to see enclosed résumé and information about when/how to be reached.b) friendly, formal language. Use an appropriate language and the expressions given in class/ digital class by your teacher in weeks 1 and 2 (Cover letter and résumé useful phrases document and Digital Class/ PPT).c) the heading provided in the Cover Letter Models: Check cover letter models in week 2.d) at least 325- 350 words: a cover letter fulfilling all the sections given, contains at least this amount of words.Any attempt to copy content of different sections from partners or the models given will void your task, and you will automatically receive 0 in your assignment.