Hello everyone, I have an Assignment for you today. This assignment must be DONE by Tuesday, June 15, 2021, no later than 10 pm. By the way, I need this assignment to be PLAGIARISM FREE & a Spell Check when completed. Make sure you READ the instructions CAREFULLY. Now without further ado, the instructions to the assignments are below:  


Final Research Paper

Throughout this course, you have been working on your research paper on a company you have chosen. For this assignment, you will consolidate the parts of the assignment you wrote in Units II, V, and VI. In addition, you will add a new section that comprises content you have learned in this unit. 

First, combine Parts I-III of your paper. Be sure to make any changes necessary based on feedback you have received. Make sure that you include an introduction and transitions so that these three parts read as one cohesive document. 

Then, you will need to examine your firm’s working capital management. Look at the firm’s annual report and answer the following questions:

  • What is the firm’s cash position? Does the firm reflect positive cash balances for the last three years?
  • What methods does the firm use to ensure and maintain positive cash flows?
  • What methods of short-term financing does the firm use?

Conclude your paper with a final recommendation about whether or not this company would be a good investment for potential investors. Your finished paper must be a minimum of six pages long, and you must use at least five sources (most of which were likely used in other units that will be down below). At least one source must come from the CSU Online Library. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.  This paper is already in APA 7th edition but please keep using this style when continuing writing this paper. I left an example & guidelines of how the paper should be written which you can use as well (look at the last few attachment for writing guidelines).

By the way, I have several attachments below which is a study guide or overview of the unit which you can use to support your response. Attachments 2-4 is the papers of the company I chose for this assignment which was Amazon (Please review the papers & its details). Attachments 5-8 are different unit study to view from to add information for your response. Remember NO PLAGIARISM & I need will need a PLAGIARISM REPORT upon completion.