Read the two target articles —

Alayli-Goebbels A: Exploring non-health outcomes of health promotion ("Bringing two worlds closer together", Chapter 4) – PDF Document (1.4 MB)

Holmstrom I, Roing M: The relation between patient-centeredness and patient empowerment. Patient Education and Counseling 79:167-172, 2010 – PDF Document (139.9 KB)

Based on the target articles, create a PowerPoint with presentation notes on these topics —
1. How various non-health outcomes are obtained via health promotion programs and lifestyle behavior change interventions
2. The importance and impact of non-health outcomes to overall health promotion program goals, including benefits to society
3. Differentiate the concepts of patient-centeredness and patient empowerment
4. Methods of implementing patient-centeredness and patient empowerment approach in the clinical setting
5. Intended outcomes (clinical goals) of such implementation

Create a PowerPoint presentation with presentation notes
• At least 20 slides total (at least 10 slides for topics #1 and #2 and at least 10 slides for topics #3, #4, and #5)
Use the Presentation notes field to include your "script" that may not be reflected in the actual slide itself
You may investigate and discuss these topics based on your personal interest and understanding.
Use the APA format as a guideline. Grammar and spelling count

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