1. Select a community or marginalized population of interest then 

2. Complete an assessment of the community and the population. Refer to the windshield survey tool in Stanhope & Lancaster’s Community Health Nursing in Canada. 4th Edition as a guide for potential questions to consider. 

3. Through this assessment, identify ONE current need or gap in services (or resources). 

 4.Then create a proposal for a health promotion plan to address this need that is within your scope of practice. The proposal should be approx. 2-3 pages in length, include APA standards.  


  • Who is your assigned community and/or population?      
  • Describe the three core  elements (History, Demographics, Values and Beliefs) of your community      and or population.
  • Describe Perception’s  (your populations’ and your own).

Nursing Diagnosis

  • Identify a gap, need, or concern at your agency  or within your population. 
  • What information supports this? How did you  determine the need? 


  • How do you intend to address the health need of your population? (ie. What is your plan? Write what your plan is in 1-2 sentences.)
  • What resources will you need (personnel,  equipment, money, etc.)? 
  • What Community Health Nurse standard does your plan correspond with? Why?


  • How would you deliver the content if no restrictions were in place? (e.g., A lunch and learn, poster presentation, etc) 

Self Reflection

  • What do YOU think is one of the most important roles that Community Health Nurses play? 
  • How do you believe the health promotion provided will benefit the community or population once complete?

5. Final step, complete the creation of your health promotion activity as if you were a nurse assigned to this community and preparing to deliver the content in a Poster or Power point presentation.