This archive file of HIM 410 Week 4 Course Project comprehends:
In this section you will identify a specific healthcare market sector to analyze. For example you may identify a hospital a home for older adults an urgent care center a mental health facility or any other health-related organization to analyze.
In the demographic site analysis you should have previously identified unmet healthcare needs and opportunities for your geographic area. In this section of the paper you will go into greater detail by choosing a specific healthcare department from the healthcare entity chosen to plan for your budgeting analysis.
In the budget analysis component you should identify a specific department in a healthcare organization. You must prepare a budget for this particular department. You should reach out to your healthcare community and meet with a healthcare representative who can help identify some pertinent budgeting items for the departments. You may find it difficult to speak with healthcare representatives but it is not required to complete this project. However it is a good idea to make contact with these designated healthcare entities. The knowledge gained can be quite useful in preparation for your budget. You can use the textbook as a guide in creating your sample budget. In addition scholarly sources such as journals articles business magazines and the World Wide Web can be tools used in this process.
The key of this section is to get a glance of the role that a Health Information Manager plays in the healthcare organization. For example a budget may include salaries supplies utility and so forth. The Health Information Manager prepares a budget in order to maximize the organization