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Identify office space and workflow considerations as they relate to the various functions of the department. How will this vary based on the size of the organization?
Assume you are the manager of an outpatient clinic that is part of a larger healthcare system. Complaints from patients about your clinic have recently increased in frequency and intensity. Some of your patients have complained about long wait times in the reception area. Others have expressed dismay over the rudeness of clinic staff members. You decide to talk to the staff members about these problems. The receptionists are very defensive and say that the secretaries in the back office won’t help with the phone calls so they have to take all the calls while trying to register patients. You talk to the secretaries and their story is just as negative. They say that they have been asked to assume more responsibilities without additional help. They also complain that the receptionists keep transferring calls to them that the receptionists should handle. The nurses are very upset with the secretaries who will not retrieve the patients’ health records which causes longer waiting time for patients. The nurses are also annoyed because the receptionists interrupt their work to ask questions. The physicians feel that they cannot do anything more because their days are very chaotic and they are stressed. They think the solution is to hire more front office staff. What performance improvement tool(s) should you use to identify all the possible reactions as to why patient complaints are increasing? What performance improvement tool(s) should you use to gather information to confirm the actual reasons for patient complaints?