General manager which use recommendations of executive committee embers is responsible for all main decisions which impact to hotel life. The members of executive committee do together their forecasts of filling in of hotel and calculate budget,defining main incomes and outcomes. And in the meeting of members of committee there are discussed these questions and problems: the level filling in forecast,plans of marketing and sales,professional preparing of stuff,main articles of outcomes,questions of reconstruction of hotel,relations with hosts,energy economy,utilizing,new legislation,practice and rentable actions. 2,page 189] At the top is the customer. Customers are the reason hotels are here. Mission is to ensure that every guest leaves satisfied and wants to return, thus ensuring 3 customer loyalty. We have two types of customers: external customers?our guests? and internal customers, who are the hotel’s associates. Associate implies partnership and working together, which is subtle but powerful message. The Job of the supervisors, managers, and the leadership team is to support the front line and remove the barriers to doing good work,lead and help people do their Jobs better.
This means managers support the front line by demonstrating concern for associates (and it must be their problems quickly and fairly,above all, treating associates with dignity,kindness, and respect. Putting the GM at the bottom of the pyramid shows that the leader actually works for the people who work with the leader. We view my role as doing whatever it takes to gain and keep customers. [1 ,page 86],(See the scheme 2). 4 Chapter 1 . Front Hotel(departments which are visible by guests at first).
The front of the house refers to those departments that deal directly with, and are seen by, hotel guests. These departments also include management departments. The departments which related with rooms and their functions, sales and marketing department,food and beverage department. Room division departments includes fronted,reservation,segmentation of customer, housekeeping(back heterogeneity, security providing services departments. [2,page 190] The department of sales and reservation provide realization rooms.Service, front office,night audit, accounting, credit, office management, security, personnel, banquet, advertising,public relations, sales, resident management, executive management,and all subdivisions of these he back of the house, most top positions and all executive posts lie in the front. [4] 1. 1 The departments which related with rooms and their functions. Room division departments. Front office. Front office has been described as the hub or nerve center of the hotel. It is the department that makes a first impression on the guest and one that the guest relies on throughout his or her stay for information and service.
It’s duty is to enhance guest services by constantly developing services to meet guest needs. It is the most important department of the hotel. The main function of this apartment is to give warm welcome to the guest . It helps to create good image in front of the guest. This is the first department where guest comes in contact with. It generates the maximum revenue for the hotel as it sells room to the guests. This also includes sub departments like reservation, Bell desk, and Information desk. It also provides some facilities like concierge service to the guest [5] .
The front office will try to sell out all the remaining rooms to call-in or walk-in guests to ensure 100%occupancy. Also,it should apply the yield management that is upsetting the eaters off larger room, a higher floor or a better view in higher 5 price for someone booking a room with shortly notice when the demand of room is high,to maintain balanced guest account. [5] Communication service is important element in work of hotel,because function of hotel depends on that. It is the centre of income,hotels usually add to tariff of international calling 50%.
The center of communication works round hours in three shift times. [2, page 212]. Concierge. The concierge is a superset department from the front office room clerks and cashiers. Concierges serve to elevate a property’s marketable value and its image. They provide the special touch services that can cater to a guest’s precise needs. Also, they can speak several languages. They will assist the guests with a board range of service, such as restaurant reservation, advice on local activities, tickets to show or VSP messages and special request. 6] A receptionist is an employee taking an office/ administrative support position. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby front office desk of an organization or business. The title “receptionist” is attributed to the person who is employed by an organization to receive or greet any suitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls. [7] Working in the hotel and hospitality industry requires interacting with people. A hotel night manager Job is multi-faceted.
He is responsible for all aspects of the hotel that go on overnight. He needs to be ready to respond to a variety of situations such as late check-ins, intoxicated guests and loud parties. [8] Uniform service. Because of importance of first impressions of client the special responsibility has uniformed stuff. The chief is manager of gusts services. Hall porters,concierge and bellboys,although in some tolls concierges obey to directly to manager of front office. Hall porters first meet guests and communicate with them.
Wearer in attractive uniform they stay at the door of hotel ,help them get off from car,call for them taxi,politely answering the questions of guests about hotel and its surroundings. The main function of bellboys is accompanying of gusts and delivering luggage to 6 their numbers. They help to people in explaining of working some things in infrastructure, they tell them about the prices. [2, page 212] Door attendants are dressed in impressive uniforms. They greet guests at the hotel front door, assist in peeping the door entrance clear of vehicles and giving guest information about the hotel and the local area in a courteous and friendly way. 6] For guest relations managers who work in the hospitality industry, such as in a hotel, their responsibilities include greeting guests, checking them into the hotel, providing information on hotel amenities, anticipating and responding to their needs, listening to and resolving complaints and providing excellent customer service throughout their stay. In short, it is this person’s responsibility to promote a positive image of the hotel and ensure guest satisfaction. ] Functions of the Security Department: provide personal safety for members of the university community and visitors,protection and security of university property,crime prevention and investigation,enforcement of university rules and regulations,provide security for designated functions,reporting hazardous and unsafe conditions regarding university property,security and protection of personal property of the members of the university and their guests, issue of ID Cards, Passes, permissions for various purposes, identification and control of unauthorized persons and animals,lassoing tit the district administration,collecting information useful for maintaining law and order in the campus. [10] Reservation is the first contact between hotel and guest. Although this contact can be realized by telephone,the first impression about the hotel is forming here. It requires certain skills which named telemarketing skills,from the stuff. The service of reservation usually works from 8. 00 till 18. 0,amount of workers depends on size of hotel. But client must not to think that hotel try to get more out of price. For reservation required many channels: telephone,fax,telegram f 7 hotel, free telephone line for corporative clients,tournaments,internet, organization of conferences and meetings,torturer,recommendations of other hotel of this company, telephone of airport, reserves selfless come to hotel. Confirmed reservations is reservation confirmed with special notification,send from hotel to client by email or fax. Usually in this notification is showed information about room, the date of arrival and departure,amount of guests,amount of beds,and any special requirements.
Guaranteed reservations happens in those cases when man who reserves room wants o get quarantines for that his order will be done. The number of credit card quarantines payment of room even in case if man don’t come,hotel holds room till arriving of guest. The other form of quarantined reservation is deposit payment. In some cases for avoiding standing of rooms because of no coming of expected guest, hotel can ask deposit for one day or the whole time of staying before. For that certain sum of paying is get from the number of credit card. It is reliable method of fighting with no coming of guests. [2, page 211] 1. 2 Organizing Salina products of and services.
Sales and marketing department. The main function of this department is to sell the room nights and various conferences facilities to various clientele,to sell the room nights to individual guest for holiday purpose,to make the brand image of hotel in the market,to act as an agent for hotel and provide various information of changes and updating. [1 1] Sales and Marketing handle advertisement and promotions for various departments in the hotel. Responsible for increasing sales through attracting new and repeat business and responsible for an art and a science. Sales flow from marketing. Sales is the critical link between marketing and operations.
It is the role of sales to help bridge this gap and find ways for the key customer-contact members of the hotel to keep the promise of marketing. [1 ,348-349 p. ] The organization of sales management is the process of directing the personal 8 selling efforts of a hospitality establishment. Sales or account managers need to manage their day-to-day activity; sales teams need to coordinate their efforts. Sales account management involves developing, maintaining, and enhancing customer relationships. Sales managers develop expertise for specific market segments, industry segments, and/or customer accounts, and common traits among successful ales account executives include self-confidence, high energy, empathy, enthusiasm, and a sense of self-worth.
Marketing is giving the targeted customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it, at a price they are willing and able to pay. Marketing begins, transcends, and ends with the consumer. Sales makes sure it happens. [l ,353 page] The best recommendation is that made by the public, and only when public relations truly works with the public can the property benefit. By putting the public in public relations, the public speaks for you and your property and results in profits through public relations. [l ,360 page] . See the scheme 4. Hotel Sales director. An individual employed by a business to manage the activities of subordinate sales people, and to develop and implement an effective selling strategy for the business in general. 13] Sales manager Banquet&event :Responsible for the smooth and seamless operation of the banquet department to assure 100% guest satisfaction and comfort, takes appropriate action to respond to guest complaints, maintains positive guest relations at all times and is responsible for meeting acceptable level of Quality Assurance and guest satisfaction scores for the hotel at all times. [14] A manager of travel trade sales is expansible for promoting a destination to travel agencies and tour companies. Government agencies, private consulting and research firms and professional associations all employ these managers. [15] Corporate accounts sales manager Promote and sell to assigned group market in defined geographic region.
Generate hotel/resort awareness through direct phone sales; direct sales calls, trademarks and networking groups. Work closely with sales and marketing team to solicit, sell and confirm group business required to 9 meet budgeted sales goals. [16] Hotel sales executives play a key role in helping a hotel achieve and maintain reparability. They work to build relationships with potential clients, highlighting their facilities as optimum for business events of all kinds. They provide all the necessary information to help clients make informed decisions on the purchase of blocks of rooms and production of special events. [17] 1. 3 Organizing service of catering of visitors. Food and beverage department.
This department plays a vital role on the delivering the accurate service of food and beverage by placing the orders from the hot or cold plates of kitchen to the customers table in the proper and the hospitality manner. Among the total revenue collected in the hotel, about 40% contribution is directly accredited to F&B department. For proper control and the effective different units or sections which are also called as an outlet. [18] Food and Beverage Service is the department which serves food and beverage to the guests. This is the second most revenue producing department of the hotels. Whenever guests want to enjoy meal or drinks with great ambiance they visit restaurants and bars.
There are so many restaurants with different cuisines, some with live kitchen, pubs, bars and cafe which even operates 24 hours. There are different types of services offered in the restaurant such as buffet service, table of the host and al a cart menu I. E. According to the card. Food and beverage department includes: Inside and outdoor catering,Pubs and bars,Restaurants,Cafes,Room service. Food production: in this department chef prepares the world class food. All the types of cuisines are made here with different styles of cooking. The chefs prepare delicious food and put their creativity into it. Different cuisines have different kitchen and each one has its own specialized chefs.
For Kitchen hygiene and cleanliness, hotel has itched stewarding department which clean the kitchen as 10 well as washes the utensils and in small hotel housekeeping takes care of cleanliness. Food & Beverage Outlets are divided in to the following categories: 1 . Retardants. Restaurants are places where Food & Drink is served. With comparing most of restaurants of hotel distinguish with their inequality and originality. And qualification of stuff is higher,but it is hard for them to work with income. There are various types of Restaurants: All Day Dining Restaurants: They are usually called as Coffee Shop or Cafe in Hotels. The main reason why they are called All Day Dining Restaurant is because of their hours of operation, as they are open for Breakfast in the morning to Lunch in the afternoon to Dinner in the evening.
Fine Dining Restaurants: Fine Dining Restaurants are characterized by their elaborate and exclusive menu with special emphasis on the very high quality food they serve. Usually the operation of this restaurant revolves around the Head Chef or Chef De Cuisine of this Outlet. Specialist Restaurants: These are Restaurants which usually have a type of National or Regional Character or Cuisine attached to them, for example: Italian Specialty Restaurant, Chinese Specialty Restaurant etc. In some Hotels they do also sometimes have Multi Cuisine Specialty Restaurant, which literally means that Restaurant serves cuisine from more than one country , or the dishes on the Menu at that Restaurant has Food Specialties from many different countries. Lounge: Lounges can be found in different hotels.
Their main purpose is to offer Food & Drinks in comfortable and cozy seating in relaxed surroundings. There are many kinds of Lounges ranging from a Lounge in a Lobby, Cocktail Lounge and Cigar Lounge to Executive and Club Lounge on special Floors. 3. Bar: Bar is a place where drinks are served. There is usually a small Snacks Menu too. The service is fast and quick. 4. Discotheque/Nightclub: They are outlets where Music and Entertainment takes priority with the Food & Drink. The operation is very fast and the guest numbers 11 are large. Security is an important aspect in these operations. 5. Room Service/Len Room Dining: Room Service, also known as In Room Dining . T is the service of Food & Drink in Guest Rooms in a Hotel or a Resort. 6. Meeting and Conference Rooms: Meeting and Conference rooms together with Ball Rooms come under the Banquets Department usually in Corporate and City Hotels. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, and Conferences & Exhibitions) can alone bring much revenue in some hotels in comparison to other outlets in Hotel. 7. Ball Rooms: These are large Function Rooms which are primarily used for Functions and Weddings. The Staffing ratio of Full Time Staff in this section is very less as the Function and Wedding Business can sometimes be seasonal and extra staff is usually filled in by the use of Casual Staff. 8.
Others: There are many other Food & Beverage outlets ranging from Fast Food Outlets to Food Courts to Snack Bars which are usually stand alone or in a shopping centre. 19] Director of food and beverage obeys to general manager and has responsibility for effective work of these directions: cousins, catering,banquet, restaurant,service in rooms,mini-bars,lobby,halls,bars, cleaning and washing dishes. [2,page 234] Cousins is directed by executive chef,which obeys to director of food and beverage and he is responsible for quality of food and effective work of cousin. Executive chef must not only satisfy but also usurpers requirements of clients for quality,food amount and its service. Executive chef has some vice-chairman – souse – chefs.
So-chefs spend a lot of time for structure and administration,for that direction of work shifts is realized by so-chefs. See the scheme 5. F&B manager: he is responsible for implementation of agreed policies for contributing to the catering policies. The F&B manager is responsible for organizing,planning,logistics,execution around the Food and beverage responsible. Assistant F&B manager : in absence of F&B Manager,the Cast. F&B manager acts as departmental head. In general,he helps the F&B manager in running the 12 department smoothly and acts as his deputy. Quality,food amount and its service. Executive chef has some vice-chairman – soufflés. O-chefs spend a lot of time for structure and administration,for that direction of work shifts is realized by so-chefs. Restaurant manager: he has overall responsibility for the organization and administration of the food and beverage service areas. Reception head waiter: he is responsible for accepting any bookings and maintaining the booking diary up to date. He will reserve tables and allot their reservation to particular stations. Head waiter: he has over all change of the staff team in the dinning room and is responsible for seeing that all the duties accessory for the preparation for service are well and efficiently carried out and nothing forgotten.
Station waiter: he must be able to carry out the same as a station headwaiter and relieve him on washday off. Floor waiter: he is responsible for the service of meals in the apartments. [20] Banquet chef: The duties of the banquet chef range from menu planning to presentation of the final product . Banquet chefs are responsible for overseeing banquet events from start to finish. These events may include breakfast buffets, corporate lunch meetings with sandwich platters and individually plated multi-course dinners. The chef participates in menu development, orders the required ingredients and supplies,supervises Junior cooks in food preparation and coordinates the final presentation to the customer. 21] Banquet manager is responsible for achievement of budgeted food sales, beverage sales and labor costs,achieve maximum profitability and over-all success by controlling costs activities,control of Banquet china, cutlery, glassware, linen and equipment,completion of function delivery sheets in an accurate and timely fashion,to supervise and co-ordinate daily operation of meeting/banquet set-ups 13 ND service,completion of Banquet Bar Requisitions,to assist in menu planning and pricing and etc. [22] An executive steward oversees staff members within the dining facilities of a hospitality facility. In addition to ensuring that diners receive the utmost in customer service, these professionals ensure that all laws and regulations that govern food service provision are followed. The primary duty of an executive steward is the management of a facility’s kitchen and the staff members who work in it.
While the steward does not oversee the chef and other cooking staff,all other team embers such as dishwashers, kitchen runners and busboys work under his tutelage. In addition to hiring these professionals,he delegates their duties and supervises their work. [23]. A pastry chefs role is not limited to creating pastries. For instance, some pastry chefs are charged with managing Junior kitchen staff members. Others are responsible for ensuring that the kitchen remains clean and organized. Many pastry chefs also perform administrative duties such as preparing budgets and ordering supplies for pastry making. [24] 14 Chapter 2. Back of Hotel(departments which are invisible at first by guests) As the name suggests these operations involve the activities which do not take place in front of the guests.
For instance, these financial transactions begin the moment when he/ she while waiting for allocation of a room start making phone calls to his/her associates to inform them the arrival or order for something in the lobby itself. The daily night auditors help the back of the office department in the hotel in maintaining the guest accounts. The front of the house, the best sources for experience and the most opportunities for advancement lie in the back of the house. The back of the house refers to those operations of the hotel that deal with housekeeping , human resources, purchasing, and engineering, and which are seldom observed by guests. [25] 2. Processes dealer to recruitment process,organizing stuff management,training and etc. Human resources department. Human Resources is mainly responsible for the well as induction programmers; training; employee relations; compensation; labor relations; and staff development. [26] A typical Human Resource Department is carries out the following functions: Job analysis and Job description. HER Department is also involved in designing the Job analysis and Job description for the prospective agencies. A Job analysis is the process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular Job.
Job descriptions are written statements that describe the duties,responsibilities,most important contributions and outcomes needed from a position,required qualifications of candidates, and reporting relationship and co- workers of a particular Job. Determining wages and salaries. HER Department is also involved in conducting market surveys and determining the wages and salaries for different position in an 15 organization. These decisions may be taken in consultation with top management and the Finance department. Recruitment and Selection. One of the most important jobs HER department is to recruit the best people for the organization. This is of crucial importance as the success of any organization depends on the quality of its workforce. Training and Development. HER department is constantly keeping a watch over the employees of the organization.
In order to improve the efficiency level of the employees they have go undergo regular trainings and development programmers. All trainings and development needs are carried out by this apartment. Training might include on the Job or off the Job training. Employee welfare and motivation. Happy employees mean a healthy organization. HER Department conducts various employee welfare activities which might include employees get together, annual staff parties etc. HER department also reviews organizational policies and its impact on the motivation of the employees. Addressing employees grievances. HER department is the link between the workers and the management.
Employees grievances related work environment are usually entertained and resolved by the HER Department. Labor management relations. HER apartment has to ensure that these relations are cordial. In case of any labor- management conflict the HER Department will play a vital role in bringing both management parties to the negotiation table and resolving the issue. Implementing organizational policies. HER Department has to coordinate with line manager and see that the organizational policies are being implemented in a proper manner. Disciplinary action can be initiated against employees who are not following organizational rules and regulations. All these actions are conceived and implemented by the HER department. 27] Another aspect to the human resources management tips for hotels is to implement a clear progression plan that employees can use to advance in rank at the hotel. 16 Perhaps the most important thing for a human resources manager in the hotel business to do is to lead through example. However, if they see the human resources department working hard and providing the best quality of service that they can then the employees will improve their work as well. As you can see, the importance of human resources management for hotels is very great. There are thousands of ways that a human resources manager can make a hotel run more smoothly and more
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