Project 1 – Add four additional buttons to the HTML Basic Calculator (Base Code provided) and include a specific function with each.   Look at your existing calculator to get ideas.  The code must be thoroughly tested and error-free.  You will be given extra credit for the complexity of your added functionality.
Assignment: Insert into page 4 of your website an embedded video.  The video should come from the Public Domain and not just taken from YouTube!  Extra credit will be given for the use of a background video.

Project 2 :Create a five page website with a common theme.   Each page must have access to every other page (with the links in the same place on each page), fonts and color scheme should be consistent within pages.  You must incorporate as a minimum the following into you web site:
A Form, Table, Embedded Video, Lists, images.   You must use the required folder structure and extra credit will be given additional features.  This must be your own code and not copied from other sites.

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