Write a 3-4 page paper describing a major health care change related to the segment of the health care system you currently work in or plan to work in, in your health care management career.


“The U.S. healthcare delivery system is in need of great change if the nation is serious about reducing the costs and improving the quality of healthcare for all” (Healey, 2017, p. 146).

As evidenced in your study of the evolution of the current health care system, change has always been and remains a constant in U.S. and global health care delivery. Your work in this assessment is designed to prepare you for your role and responsibilities related to managing change in a health care setting in these exciting and often unpredictable times. Our ever-accelerating rate of change is leading us into a completely uncharted territory. It is created a demand for advanced leadership skills, such as creativity and resiliency, needed for navigating organizations through complicated systems changes. Technological advances and disruptive innovation are strong forces behind changes in the industry, with health indicators, as well as political, economic, and consumer-driven forces contributing in a multitude of unique and interrelated ways.

Your studies will provide an overview of current factors driving the need for change in health care delivery. This will expand your awareness and understanding of business change management theory, skills, and processes required for career success. This assessment will require you to focus on specific examples of factors driving change, and practice applying your new awareness and understanding of strategies for managing change to adapt to them.


Healey, B. J. (2017). Principles of healthcare leadership. Health Administration Press.


Choose a major health care change example from your research and studies to address in this assessment. The change example should be related to the segment of the health care system in which you currently work, or plan to work, in your health care management career.

  • Describe the major health care change example and the forces driving this change (For example, technological advances; disruptive innovation; health indicators; and political, economic, and consumer-driven forces).
  • Share information and insights related to this example that might prove important to consider in the change process.
  • Share an insight you derived from the H. James Dallas reading, Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change, that might prove important to consider in the change process for this example.
  • Discuss how leaders might approach managing this change by utilizing leadership skills required in the process of change (refer to leadership skills from Kotter’s 8 Step Model of Change).