There has been a time when I have always wondered what it would be like to have dinner with people who inspire me. I have thought long and hard about 3 people who give me motivation to be all I can be. Growing up as a Latin woman in NYC has made me want to be a successful woman. I want to see the world and help others in need. I have chosen to have dinner with Rata Moreno a Latin woman from Human, Puerco Rice. My Grandparent’s are from Human, a small town about 45 miss from the capital.
Human is full of land , nature, tall mountains and amazing culture. I also would love for Audrey Hepburn to Join us followed by Anita Rowdier. These three women are very influential in many ways and I can relate to them. The dinner I have chosen for us will be full of colorful foods. Salads, pastas, cheese, seafood and wine. Rata Moreno loves to dance and I am sure she will be the life of the party. I come from a big Puerco Rican family like Rata also from Human and we love to dance, cook and enjoy quality time.

We can turn anything small into a festivity. Moreno has a similar background; she grew up very poor and was forced to move to the slums of NYC only to find herself a bit lost. Rite’s mom made a living so that Rata can focus on school and her career. Like most Puerco Rican families from the ass’s and ass’s they work extremely hard to have a better life. Rata went on got an education and pursue her career. She found herself in Show business acting and playing roles as a minority. She landed her famous role as Anita from West side story.
The first and only Latin woman in History and one of the few performers to have won an Emmy, a Grammar, an Oscar, and a Tony, and was the second Puerco Rican to win an Academy Award. Rata is also involved in the Jack Robinson Foundation to give children a better schooling system. Audrey Hepburn is a classic woman of Hollywood who is also an immigrant from Belgium growing up it was not always easy but she came from a middle class family. Audrey grew up most of her life in boarding schools and nannies this was during the world war 2.

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