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I’m working on a communications project and need a sample draft to help me study.

This final project is designed for you to showcase your knowledge of the concepts you have learned in this course. For this project you are to develop your own television program concept with complete creative freedom to pursue what interests you. It has three parts: the bible, the pitch, and a reflection.


The program bible for your original program concept should include the following sections written as a narrative in memo format. Your finished narrative will likely run 6 pages.

  • What is this show (a one paragraph description including a show title and your show’s genre)?
  • What is the tone, style & voice of your show?
  • What is the theme of your show (the over-arching, universal question your program pursues)?
  • Who are the characters?
  • What is the setting and location?
  • What are this program’s parents (past programs that are similar)?
  • What is a description of the pilot episode?
  • What are possible plot lines for the first season?
  • What are the plot possibilities for future seasons?


For the pitch for your original show make a short presentation pitching your program concept as if you were presenting your idea in 244 seconds to an investor or to a network. A powerpoint would work for this and would likely be 10 slides or less. If you would rather use a different presentation approach, that is completely fine too (a video, for example). Make sure your presentation is succinct as well as creative. Likely pitch content will include some of the following (pick what is pertinent to your concept, no need to be comprehensive):

  • The reasoning behind the program idea
  • The network problem the new series might fix
  • The network solution that the new program can provide
  • The reason to make the move now
  • The on-air competition and where the new series will fit within it
  • Information about the series itself – cast, plot, setting
  • Information about the production team –your hypothetical dream-team of producers, writers, directors, videographers


For this final section of the project, include a personal reflection about your experience in creating a new program concept. Write this as a narrative and include any insights or thoughts that are important to you. You may have noticed that a reflection component has been included with every assignment. Research tells us that adult learners internalize concepts deeper and more meaningfully when they reflect upon their own learning journey.

Your bible and your reflection should be combined into one continuous document in either word or .pdf format. For your creative pitch, either attach it or include a link based upon what works best for your end-product.