No word limit just high yield detail response  

Implantation and development during weeks 1&2 (genetic/congenital disorders): 

1. Explain what aspects of early mammalian cleavage facilitate molecular screening of embryos for genetic  defects

 2. Describe the major ectopic sites of implantation. What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

3. What risk factors predispose to ectopic or tubal pregnancy? 

4. Describe the different mechanisms which results in twins. Discuss population differences in the  frequency of twins.  

5. Discuss the reason and numbers of pregnancies which abort within the first two weeks. What are the  difficulties in obtaining such data? 

6. Describe the characteristics, diagnosis and prognosis of choriocarcinoma and Hydatiform mole.

 7. Classify the contraceptives. Identify the mechanism and sites of contraceptive blocks of gametogenesis,  ovulation and fertilization. What ethical issues impact on the choice of birth control type?