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In the beginning of Chapter 12, your text highlights the main reasons we lie. They are:

  • Lie to benefit other—Because she knows that her husband does not want to be disturbed, Babbs tells a door-to-door salesman that her husband is not home.
  • Lie to affiliate—Buffy wants to spend some time with her father, so she tells him she needs help with her homework even though she is capable of doing it herself.
  • Lie to avoid invasion of privacy—Muffy tells a co-worker that she is younger than she really is because she believes her age is no one; business but her own.
  • Lie to avoid conflict—Biff tells his neighbor, who has called to complain about Biff’s barking dog, that he cannot talk at the moment because dinner’s on the table.
  • Lie to appear better—To impress a date, Rex tells her that he was captain of his debate team when, in reality, he was treasurer of the Slide Rule Club.
  • Lie to protect self—Trudy breaks her mother’s vase but tells her the cat did it.
  • Lie to benefit self—Favio tells his parents he needs extra money for textbooks so that he can buy tickets to a Lady Gaga concert.
  • Lie to harm other—Barney’s in a bad mood so he points in the wrong direction when a motorist asks him directions.


Choosing one of the scenarios above, please provide the following information:

  • Tell us about a time you lied.
    • Provide enough details so we know the lie you told, the context you told it in, and the results of the lie.
      • By results I mean did you get away with the lie?
  • Did you get caught?
    • If yes, what was your punishment?
    • If no, did you ever confess?
      • If yes, what was the consequences.
      • If no, do you feel guilty at all?

Remember, this is not about judging your peers. Instead, take a look at the scenarios they’ve provided and think to yourself how you would have handled the situation. When you reply to your classmates (two of them), make sure you are only answering the following question(s):

  • Can you relate to their scenario?
    • If yes, did you react the same way? Or differently?
    • If not, why do you think that is?
      • I would lie to avoid getting spanked as a child. Lie to protect self. Wooden spoons were popular with my dad, but not everyone can relate to that. My bff could tell her parents anything without fear of punishment. I was not raised the same way.