Attached below, you’ll see the Student Guide – Externship Portfolio which is the document you’ll be creating during externship.  For each assignment, you will add material to this same form so that by the end of the semester you’ll have created one continuous document.  You’ll find instructions and suggestions for each assignment as you move through the course.  

For Journal #1:  Write about your first week’s experiences on the job.  Include orientation, staff introductions, tour of property, HR experiences, trainings and any other relevant details pertaining to the job experience.  If you’ve held this position for awhile and the process has changed, describe the current process for new hires.

For the Project Part 1, write about the company you’re working with, including their mission or vision statement, the type of business, products and services provided and a brief statement about their history in the area.  Include a brief summary of the local leadership of the company.   Most of this information can be found on the company’s website.

Your document should be an exemplary reflection of your professionalism.  Proofread carefully before submitting each week.  To receive full credit, both parts together should total two single-spaced pages of content for each installment.  In other words, a page for the journal and a page for the business profile. Font Type – Times New Roman.  Font Size – 12.

Journal Part 2
What have you experienced on the job since the first journal you submitted?  Are things working well or have there been unexpected disappointments?  What are the highlights of your daily experience?  Remember there’s no “right or wrong” format for your journals; they’re meant to reflect your general experiences and provide the opportunity for you to share any concerns.  It’s to be expected that some goals may change during the semester and you can share your thoughts about the changes whenever this occurs.

Project Part 2
Focus on the five professional goals you chose with your supervisor and include your motivation for choosing each one.  Address each goal specifically.  Include details about how you plan to accomplish each one and who will most likely mentor you in each area.