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Explain unauthorized practice of law (UPL), and provide at least one (1) example of a specific behavior or act that could result in the UPL. Next, review the guidelines of avoiding UPL from Chapter 2 of the textbook, and identify one (1) way in which a paralegal could avoid UPL. Include one (1) example of such ways to support your response.Recently The Georgetown University Law Center’s 2016 report said law firms need to make “bold, proactive changes” to thrive in a changing industry. The article is at the following link: Read the article and then consider the following: the pressure to reform can be driven by many forces, which are economic, political, personal, philosophical. But above all these forces are the ethical standards in the Code of Conduct. You are the paralegal assigned to the team that will come up with recommendations for changes to the firm. How would the UPL impact any of your considerations? Explain one change that you would recommend for paralegals in the firm and explain how it will not violate the legal prohibitions of the Code of Conduct.  

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