make a annotation 2 paragraphs for each reference listed.

1. Pope, K.S.(2015). Steps to Strengthen Ethics in Organizations: Research Findings, Ethics Placebos, and What Works. J Trauma Dissociation. 2015 Mar 15; 16(2): 139–152.


2. Chandler, R.C.(2005)Avoiding Ethical Misconduct Disasters.2005 VOLUME 8 ISSUE 3https://

Paragraph 1:

  • What kind of source is this?
  • What is the thesis or main claim of the source?
  • What evidence or claims does the source present in support of the thesis? Present at least two examples of support the source uses.
  • What other important claims does the source make?

Paragraph 2: Evaluate

  • How adequately does the source support its thesis?
  • How current is the information in the source relative to your research question?
  • How credible and authoritative is the source for your research question?
  • What limitations, if any, did you note in the source?
  • How does the source help answer your research question?