1. Tom borrowed a television set from Bob to watch a football game on Sunday afternoon.  Tom promised Bob that he would return the set to Bob by 7:00 Sunday night because Bob wanted to watch a program at 10:00 pm that night.  When Tom had not returned the set by 9:00 pm, Bob went to Tom’s house.  Tom was not at home so Bob forced open a window, climbed in, took his TV set, and walked out with it.  Can Bob be convicted of a crime?

Yes/ No

2. Unlucky Bank of the West had a substantial increase in the number of robberies at its main branch.  Unlucky hired Snipe, an expert rifleman, and placed him in a position where he could observe the entire floor of the bank through an opening in the ceiling of the bank.  Snipe was instructed to shoot if he believed that it was necessary to prevent a robbery.

Several days after Snipe had been hired, Rita the Robber entered the bank, pointed a gun at the teller, and demanded money.  When Snipe saw Rita point a gun at the teller, Snipe fired and killed Rita.

Can Snipe be convicted of a crime?


3. Officer Friendly was in uniform and driving in a marked police car when he observed Deranged Dan running down the middle of the road.  Dan appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.  As Officer Friendly approached in his police car, Dan ran to the driver door and began punching the officer through the open window.  Officer Friendly struggled to put the car in park and unlatch his seat belt.  Dan continued punching Officer Friendly in the head and face and then tried to remove the officer’s firearm from his holster.  Officer Friendly reached for his back up gun and shot Deranged Dan.  Dan later died as a result of a gun shot wound.

Was Officer Friendly’s use of deadly force justified?


4. Grappler George is an accomplished  UFC and MMA martial artist.  One night while drinking at a bar, George is confronted by Big Mouth Bob.  George tries to leave but Bob follows him outside and pushes him.  George quickly gains the upper hand and places Bob in a choke hold.

Is George’s use of force justified under the circumstances?