1. Ed told Pete, an auto mechanic, that he had stolen a car and that the engine had to be rebuilt before it could be sold.  Pete agreed to perform the work under the following terms:  Pete would received $300 upon completion of the job, even though his normal fee was $600 and he would receive another $600 when Ed sold the car.  After rebuilding the engine and before the car was sold, Pete and Ed were arrested.

Did Pete commit the crime of conspiracy to sell the stolen car?

Correct Answer  Yes 

2. MIchael’s wife, Terry is suffering from end stage cancer and is in terrible pain.  Michael, Terry’s sister Brenda, and the doctor discuss Terry’s situation in the waiting room.  Michael asks the doctor to turn up the IV drip of morphine to a lethal level.  The doctor initially agrees.  Brenda says nothing but nods.  However, a few minutes later, the doctor changes his mind and tells Michael.  Michael returns to Terry’s room followed by Brenda and the doctor. Michael turns up the drip himself, as Brenda looks on.  The doctor tries to restrain Michael and calls security.  Terry dies as a result of the morphine overdose.  

Under the Model Penal Code, what is the most serious crime the doctor can be convicted?

Correct Answer  No Crime 

3. In the fact pattern presented above, would the doctor’s liability be different under the Common Law?Correct  Yes. 

4. Arnie knows where a large amount of counterfeit money can be purchased and decides to ask Benny to help him pass the bills if he obtains them.  Upon disclosure of the scheme to Benny, Benny responds, “What a break for you.  You will make a fortune.” 

On the basis of these facts alone, Are Arnie and Benny guilty of criminal conspiracy.

Correct Answer  No