Hi, I have attached an assignment below due April 8
For this assignment, you will write a blog post on a policy issue of your choosing and describe why it matters to you. You may choose to write about the policy issue your policy team is focusing on this semester or an entirely different issue. The purpose of this assignment is to practice your professional communication skills to construct, adjust, and deliver informed and audience-relevant messages about policy issues you care about using your nursing voice. This assignment is an opportunity to communicate your personal perspective on a policy issue with rationale. 

Assignment instructions:

  • Define a target audience. Who are you trying to reach with your blog post (e.g., other nursing students, nurses, the general public, health professionals, industry, policymakers, etc.)?
  • Blog post should include:
    • an engaging title that speaks to the content of your blog post and grabs the reader’s attention;
    • a brief description of the policy issue and underlying concern relevant to the health or wellbeing of persons or people, the environment of care delivery, or professional nursing practice;
    • when, where, or how you learned about the issue;
    • a narrative story of a personal or professional experience, exposure, or other anecdotal accounts or thoughts relevant to the issue; and,
    • integration of your personal perspective and nursing perspective on the issue (to help guide you here, reflect back to the “Voicing the nursing perspective” worksheet sections on values, obligations, and nursing theory as well as your responses to the initial reflection assignment, for example, on what is your “true north” and how you define a nurse.).


  • Word count: 800-1200 words
  • Use first-person, active voice, and conversational writing style.
  • Submit a document file of the blog entry.
    • Include a title page formatted according to APA 7th professional version.
      • In the “Author Note” section of the title page:
        • Note your defined target audience for the blog post (i.e., The target audience for this blog post is ______.)
  • Include at least 3 sources of evidence (e.g., news article, peer-reviewed literature, policy brief, one or more of the ANA 2021 Essentials of Nursing Practice texts, testimony, nursing theory, etc.). To cite, you may simply include a link to the source in the body of your text if a link is available, otherwise, cite as appropriate using APA 7th ed. formatting. For any linked sources, make sure to double-check your hyperlinks and include a list of the words/phrases and linked content at the end. This style of citation/attribution is consistent with standards for professional written communication for this particular medium (informal blog post).
  • TurnItIn score of 30% or less.