A brief engaging introduction. Include a thesis (purpose) statement, i.e., The purpose of this [brief, paper, nursing informed policy brief] is…

Policy Issue

A narrative summary prompting awareness of the issue. Make sure to define as a policy issue rather than a clinical issue. Define the characteristics of the issue using the CDC Defining and Scoping the Problem resource as a guide (also see the linked CDC resource for examples) – include: population most affected, burden (how many people the issue affects), frequency (how often the issue occurs), severity (how serious of a problem the issue is), and scope (the range of outcomes the issue effects). Note any gaps in the data.

History and Relevant Background

Describe why you identified the issue as relevant to policy and define the jurisdiction of the policy issue. Which governmental or organizational body has the relevant authority or responsibility? Cite an existing, pending, or needed governmental or organizational policy to support your reasoning. If policy is currently silent on the issue, provide evidence to support how the issue is amenable to a policy solution.