Step 1 Select a favorite dish from your culture ( VENEZUELA) that you would like to makeover. Find a picture of this food (online is okay). Write down the main ingredients and how it is prepared/cooked.

Step 2 Review the guidelines for a heart-healthy diet in your reading.

Step 3 Identify how you can make your favorite dish more heart-healthy. This could include the ingredients or preparation/cooking method.

Step 4 Submit your initial post with the following information included:

  • Name of your favorite dish and what culture it represents. 
  • Include a photo of the traditional dish.
  • Description of the traditional ingredients and cooking method.
  • Please explain how you would make it more heart-healthy. Provide a thorough rationale for the reason why these changes make it more heart-healthy. Be specific to at least 3 ingredients and/or cooking techniques you can change. You do not have to make it (unless you want to). The explanation is enough for this post.
  • Minimum of 250 words for the first post.