I researched the entrepreneurial story of giftzip. com. This is about Giftzip. com by Sam Hogg who is the founder. He took MBA course from Michigan State University. When he took the courses he and friend thought about waste and discarded plastic gift card and he decided to make it online. After he gets MBA degree he established Giftzip. com and he makes large choice to buy gift card from $25~$250 on the net. Also recipient gets gift card by redeem code or e-mail from the company that they look at it.
Sam Hogg has difficulty with big retailer such as amazon. com he almost gave up when he failed to make a deal with them. However he waited the time comes and luckily his business turned succeed. In fall 2008 gift market grows, people are more prefer to buy gift card on the internet and feel comfortable. It turns Giftzip as successful company and in 2009 Giftzip designated as 10 hot startups to watch. And Gift card industry expected to top $100 billion.
Reread the opening case, and then list all the smart or effective moves Sam Hogg made in the early days of building GiftZip. com. Which three moves were most instrumental in GiftZip. com’s early success? Be prepared to justify your selections. 1. He did what others didn’t do before. – (Challenging) 2. He continues to control his company whether it will be succeed or be fail. And he got luck to succeed it. 3. As Sam’s entrepreneurship he believes that his idea/work will be succeed.

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