1. Badman forces Hapless at gunpoint to drive him away from the scene of a robbery.  Badman then compels Hapless to drive into a roadblock, whereupon a police officer is struck and killed.

Should Hapless be convicted as an accessory after the fact to Badman’s robbery?

Correct!  No 

2. Does Hapless have a defense to the charge of intentionally murdering a police officer?

Correct Answer  No 

3. Planning Paula is an assistant manager at Bank of the West.  Paula is dating Robbery Robert.  Paula gives Robert information on bank security information and money delivery procedures, including dates.  Robbery Robert plans a bank robbery and recruits Getaway George  to drive him to and from Bank of the West.  Paula calls in sick and is nowhere near the bank on the day of the robbery.  After the robbery, George drives to his girlfriend’s house, Clueless Chrissy.  Chrissy lets George and Robert stay at her house.

Is Robbery Robert criminally liable?

Correct!  Yes 

4. Is Getaway George a principle party or an accessory?

Correct!  Principle Party 

5. Is Planning Paula criminally liable for the bank robbery?

Correct!  Yes 

6. Is Clueless Chrissy criminally liable?

Correct Answer  No