Using my essay attached to this task please create a slideshow presentation

As a visual reference, the organizational structure of your presentation should look something like this.

  • First Slide: Title—Your Name, Topic, Course, and Date
  • Second Slide: Introduction—Discuss why you chose your topic and why you think it is important. Provide a clear thesis statement.
  • Third and Fourth Slides: Problem analysis—What is causing the problem? Is it getting worse? What will happen if we fail to act?
  • Fifth and Sixth Slides: Solutions—Discuss a range of possible solutions. Select the best one and convince your audience it is the best choice.
  • Seventh Slide: Conclusion—Provide a recap of your argument and make a final call to action.
  • Eighth Slide: References—Remember to include references for all cited material and images used.

After making your initial post with your rough draft, provide feedback to at least two of your fellow students by Sunday. Reply to students who have not yet received feedback first. In your feedback, answer the following questions.

  • Are the slides mostly text or are they more visually oriented? Are the visuals effective in helping to convey the main point?
  • Is the presentation clearly organized? Why, or why not?
  • Are claims supported with evidence? Is the evidence cited appropriately in the slides?
  • What is the presentation’s purpose? How well did it achieve that purpose?
  • What did you like best about the presentation?
  • What is one way to make the presentation even better?