Unit Outcomes:

  • Identify the difference between projects, programs, and operations.
  • Identify project management process groups and knowledge areas.
  • Examine common project management processes and their interactions.

Course Outcome:

Analyze the Project Management Framework to identify relationships between process groups and knowledge management areas.


This assignment calls for you to analyze the relationship among the process groups, knowledge areas, and management processes.

Assignment Instructions

Build a PowerPoint® presentation that will address each of the Project Management Areas of Knowledge, the process groups that use these areas of knowledge, and how the process groups interact with the knowledge area processes. Use table 1-1, Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping in the PMBOK Text, to help guide your understanding of the ten knowledge areas and how they are related. Write the narrative of your presentations (your script) into the notes section of each of the PowerPoint slides. Organize your presentation to present each process group, and within each process group describe the knowledge areas and the deliverables within the groups and the knowledge areas. For instance, the Initiating process group intersects with the Project Integration Knowledge area and the deliverable is a Project Charter. Provide a brief narrative summarizing your understanding.

You will be graded on your interpretation and understanding of the common project management processes within the knowledge areas and how they relate to other project management processes.