Minimum of 300 words

Physiological changes occur throughout our lives and can have significant effects on our self-esteem. Some of these changes can be more significant than others. As argued in Chapter 4 of the course textbook, physical events that occur during our life (i.e., puberty, loss of senses, illness) may have physiological effects.

Using the theoretical knowledge you have gained from your required reading for this week, discuss a time in life, based on personal or vicarious experiences, when you felt that physical changes were most impactful to you (early childhood, middle childhood, young adulthood, middle age). Share only information that you are comfortable with, or you may use another’s experiences or a fictitious example.

Consider the following questions as you discuss:

Do you believe neural plasticity was a significant variable during this chosen stage of your (or another’s) life? Why or why not?
Did synaptic pruning, based on this event, alter the way you now view the world? If so, what about your worldview changed? Explain.
Did the event shape who you are as a person (your identity)?
Based on your knowledge and your experiences, indicate the advice you might give to someone who is experiencing something similar?
What ethical considerations are associated with the advice you give?
Be sure to cite the textbook within your writing, when appropriate, supporting your assertions and advice to another.

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