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This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

  • Use a digital representation of yourself to explore the concepts of identity and self-perception.


This assignment requires that you select how you will digitally represent yourself, what image you choose to project, and how you will identify yourselves with others in a digital environment.

Avatars can be altered in every aspect including gender, once acquired. Once you select an avatar shape, gender, and species, the discussion questions may help you reflect on your choices.

Action Items

  1. Find an online community where you can create a persona. It can be an online community where folks game or chat. It can be one to which you already belong. Be cautious, as always, with internet interactions.
  2. Create an avatar.
  3. Review the concepts on identity and self-perception from Chapter 4.
  4. Write a 2-3 page paper in response to the prompts listed here. Your response should be informed by the chapter:
  • How does your avatar’s appearance fit into or reject the norms established by the dominant culture?
  • Does your avatar present an image you could/would not in RL? (For example, does your avatar have wings, a purple Mohawk, robotic legs?) Why did you choose to present this particular image?
  • Does your avatar project an identity or personality characteristic that directly reflects your RL self-concept? (Provide specific examples.)
  • How would your avatar look if you had to be the opposite gender? What choices might reflect your personality?
  • Since the majority of avatars appear to be mid-twenties, what are the implications for misrepresentation of identity in digital platforms? How might that influence your communication with others?
  • Your paper must include a screen shot of your avatar.
  1. Include an introduction and a conclusion.
  2. Include citations from the text where necessary.
  3. Upload your assignment by Sunday.

REMEMBER: You want to create a fully developed paper with a logical flow rather than a list of responses to the set of prompts. You may or may not want to respond in the order they are listed here.