Topic: Computer Networking and Machine Learning

Format: APA, 15 pages (excluding tables of content, charts, pictures)

Rules: please find below titles, format  and explanation on how a research paper is expected to be done. For extra reference I will add my college, research paper guide, which has detailed explanation of how the work is expected with examples.

The research paper must be supported by evidence (citations from peer-reviewed sources). 

A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal citations are required. 

Formatting should be double-spaced, one-inch boarders, no extra space for headings, no extra white space, no more than two levels of heading, page numbers, front and back matter).

A minimum of 15 full pages is required (no extra whitespace, does not include appendices)

Required Table of Contents. Images and charts are not considered in 15 page-paper.

Required titles:

1. Abstract

2. Literature review- 5 peer-reviewed literature sources 

Description of the research including who the target population was (if available)

Research Method used to conduct the research (describe what the researcher(s) did to gather data for the research)

a.      Was survey distributed? How many questions? How many participants

b.      Was it a focus group? Was it a case study

c.      Be explicit

  • 3. Problem statement
  • 4. Relevance and significance  
  • 5. Research questions- Add no more than 2 research questions as they relate to your research focus
  • 6. Barriers and Issues

7. Approach/Methodology

8. Findings, Analysis, and Summary of Results

The following topics are intended to serve as a guide: 

  Data analysis

  Findings & discussion 


 Summary of results & discussion

9. Conclusions

10. References